PGY412GSyllFall09 - Please turn off all electronics in...

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Please turn off all electronics in class PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY - PGY412G, Fall 2009 TIME 12:00 NOON MON, TUE, WED, THU PLACE ROOM 014 CTW Building Faculty Course Director Ok-Kyong Park-Sarge, Ph.D. MN502A UKMC 323-6067 Francisco Andrade, Ph.D. NS581 UKMC 323-6576 Kenneth Campbell, Ph.D. MN 510 UKMC 323-8157 Karyn Esser, Ph.D. MS 537 UKMC 323-8107 Brian Jackson, Ph.D. MS 501 UKMC 257-4905 Alexander Rabchevsky, Ph.D. B471 BBSRB 323-0267 Office Hours The course director will have regular weekly office hours ( 1-2 PM Thursdays ). If you should have questions or concerns regarding the course or your grades, you should consult with the course director. In addition, all faculty members are available for consultation as needed. If you have questions or concerns regarding the lecture material, you should consult with individual instructors. B LACKBOARD You must be able to access Blackboard ( or ) in order to view such items of importance as lecture notes, study questions, grades, and other announcements. In rare occasions, you may be dropped from Blackboard for unknown reasons and must take actions to register yourself on Blackboard again. There are two major reasons; (1) your password expires every 3 months so you should change your password for access to Blackboard; (2) the registrar has automatically registered you for this course and will control whether you remain on this course based upon your fee payment. Otherwise, please contact Blackboard technical help . Course Objective The objective of this course is to learn the basic physiological mechanisms of human body function . Students will be learning what the different organ systems do and how they do it . With this knowledge a student should be able to form a general understanding of how the body functions in health and disease.
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Course Description Principles of Human Physiology is a 4 credit course designed for students of the
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PGY412GSyllFall09 - Please turn off all electronics in...

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