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symptoms glossary - Glossary of Symptoms PPA 400G,...

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Glossary of Symptoms PPA 400G, Principles of Plant Pathology See the images in the APS Illustrated Glossary on your CD or online at Albino: white or light-colored; having a marked deficiency in pigmentation Blast: sudden death of flowers Bleeding: sap flow from a wound Blight: sudden, severe, and extensive spotting, discoloration, wilting, or destruction of leaves, flowers, stems, or entire plants Blotch: necrotic area of tissue irregular in form Callus: specialized tissues that form over a wound or cut in a plant; cork cambium may form and the cells produced will gradually seal the wound Canker: a sharply delineated, dry, necrotic, localized lesions on the stem Chlorosis: failure of chlorophyll development, caused by disease or a nutritional disturbance; fading of green plant color to light green, yellow, or white Curl: distortion, puffing, and crinkling of a leaf resulting from unequal growth Damping-off: death of a seedling before or shortly after emergence due to decomposition of the root and/or lower stem; it is common to distinguish between preemergence damping-off and postemergence damping-off Defoliation: loss of leaves from a plant, whether normal or premature Dieback: progressive death of shoots, leaves, or roots, beginning at the tips. (see ) Distortion: malformed plant tissues Dwarfing:
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symptoms glossary - Glossary of Symptoms PPA 400G,...

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