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Endocrine sample questions 2009

Endocrine sample questions 2009 - 1 Some hormones are...

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1. Some hormones are transported in plasma bound to proteins. These proteins function to increase: a. the rate of hormone destruction in plasma. b. the rate of hormone clearance from plasma. c. the half-life of hormones in plasma. d. the affinity of hormones for their receptors in target cells. e. the rate of conversion of hormones into active metabolites in plasma. 2. When a decrease in sensitivity to thyroid hormones (TH) occurs in the absence of changes in the number of available TH receptors, a. the maximum response to TH is decreased. b. the number of TH receptors is decreased. c. an increased concentration of TH is required to elicit the half-maximal response. d. the affinity of TH for TH receptors is increased. e. it is caused by a high concentration of TH. 3. Thyroid hormone (TH) itself has no effect on release of fatty acids from adipose cells. In the absence of TH, epinephrine (E) stimulates release of a small amount of fatty acids from adipose cells. In the presence of TH, epinephrine would cause a much more substantial release of fatty acids from the cells because: a. TH increases alpha-receptors in adipose cells. b. TH decreases alpha-receptors in adipose cells. c. TH increases beta-receptors in adipose cells. d. TH decreases beta-receptors in adipose cells. e. TH sensitizes lipoprotein lipase in endothelial cells of adipose capillaries. 4. The precursor for cortisol is ________ , which is enzymatically derived from ________. Cortisol is secreted by the ________ when stimulated by the hormone ________ from the anterior pituitary. 5. The posterior pituitary is a tissue composed of ________ that secretes ADH or oxytocin into the ______ when stimulated by _____ generated in the hypothalamus: a. soma, general circulation, action potentials.
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