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Physics 213 Test #2 July 17, 2008 Name:______________________ This is a closed book test. You may use a calculator and a self-made hand-written (no photocopying) crib sheet of dimensions no more than 8-1/2” x 11” with any information on one side. For multiple choice questions, circle the most appropriate answer. For problems, show all your work!!! Partial credit will only be awarded to problems that include the steps used in arriving at the result. Take your time but pace yourself. If you haven’t gotten to the problems by the midpoint of the test, you should consider jumping to them and returning to the multiple choice at the end. If a question is not clear, raise your hand, and I’ll try to clarify the question to you, but don’t expect to get any hints. If you need more paper, I can provide you with some additional blank sheets. Additional suggestions: If you cannot finish a problem write down what you do know and explain in words the necessary steps. You will garner some partial credit for indicating the correct approach. Section Possible Points Points Earned Multiple Choice 45 Problem A 10 Problem B 10 Problem C 10 Problem D 10 Problem E 15 Total: 100 Bonus 8 Physical constants Quantity Symbol Value Unit Speed of light in vacuum c , c o 2.998 × 10 8 m/s Permittivity of free space ε o 8.854 × 10 -12 C 2 /Nm 2 Permeability of free space μ o 4 л × 10 -7 Tm/A Coulomb’s constant (1/4 л o ) K 8.988 × 10 9 Nm 2 /C 2 Elementary charge e 1.602 × 10 -19 C Electron mass m e 9.109 × 10 -31 kg Proton mass m p 1.673 × 10 -27 kg Atomic mass unit u 1.661 × 10 -27 kg Avogadro's number N A 6.023 × 10 23 1/mol
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Multiple Choice: Circle the one best answer (3 points each): 1. According to Lenz’s law the direction of an induced current in a conductor will be that which tends to produce which of the following effects? a.
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Exam2_old - Physics 213 Test#2 Name This is a closed book...

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