AntigenandAntibodyReactions - ANTIGEN AND ANTIBODY...

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ANTIGEN AND ANTIBODY REACTIONS I, II Immunobiology, BIOIMI 494G Joe McGillis, Ph.D. Sept. 17, 19 MN-380/MN-375 323-6721 jpmcgiO [email protected] Office Hours: I am here most days from about 9:30 A.M. to about 7:00 P.M. I will make it point to be in my office 30 minutes before and after each lecture. However, you are welcome, and I encourage you to come by any time that you have a question. The best thing to do is to call my office or lab at 323-6721/323-6689 before you come over to insure that I will be available. If not, we can easily schedule a time that is convenient. If you have questions, please come see me as soon as possible. After all, it is what I get paid for! The Ten Most Important Reasons to Pay Attention, Ask Questions About Things You Don't Understand, Study Immunology All Weekend and Learn All About B Cells and Antibodies!!!! 10. By 1:00 P.M. there is no edible food left on campus. 9. Getting an A in Immunobiology will increase your chances of getting into graduate/dental/veterinary/medical school, but probably not clown school. 8. Life sucks without antibodies. (Life can also suck with antibodies!!) 7. To understand what Dr. McGillis willlo~. you with about complement it will be essential to understand antibodies. (teach) 6. There is generally no good live Jazz to be heard at 1:00 P.M. on weekdays. 5. Western Kentucky is going to kick the snot ofUK next weekend so there is no reason to go the football game. You might as well save 20 bucks, stay home and study Immunology! 4. Dr. Roszman, who is right most of the time, and is himself a pretty hip cat, thinks it's important. 3. During the last 60 years more fundamental advances in biology and medicine have resulted from research in, related to, or dependent on Immunology than any other SIngle biomedical discipline. 2. Dr. McGillis, who is always right and is the hippest cat around, thinks it's important. 1. You are here because you love science and want to learn everything you can before tuition goes up again! !!!
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Immunobiology, BIOIMI 494G Sept. 12, 14 I. ConceptslReview for next 7 lectures 1. Clonality 2. Ig Forms a. CDRs b. soluble forms c. cell membrane bound forms II. Ig Functions 1. Opsonization 2. ADCC 3. Sequestration of toxins 4. Prevention of parasite entry or colonization III. Theoretical and practical considerations of antigen-antibody interactions 1. Affinity of antigen-antibody binding a. non-covalent forces b. affinity c. avidity 2. Precipitin Formation - soluble antigens a. Precipitin formation in solution b. Precipitin formation in gels - immunodiffusion 3. Agglutination - particulate antigens IV. Practical applications of antibodies: 1. General Considerations a. Polyclonal vs. Monoclonal b. Methods ofdetection c. Direct vs. Indirect labeling
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AntigenandAntibodyReactions - ANTIGEN AND ANTIBODY...

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