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PROPERTIES OF ANTIGEN (IMMUNOGENS) BIO/MI494G Fall 2008 I. Definition of terms A. Antigen B. Immunogen C. Antibody and cell-mediated immunity D. B-cell receptor (BCR) E. T-cell receptor (TCR) II. Types of antigens 1. Particulate a. Cells, e.g. tumor cells, RBC, leukocytes b. Microorganisms, e.g. bacteria, viruses 2. Soluble a. Proteins b. Polysaccharides c. Nucleic acids d. Lipids III. General properties required for immunogenicity 1. Foreignness 2. Size 3. Other considerations, e.g. antigen concentration and physical form, etc. IV. Antigenic determinant sites (epitopes) 1. Definition 2. Chemical groups involved 3. Types a. Linear (sequential) b. Confirmation (nonsequential) 4. B-cell epitopes a. Size b. Characteristics 5. T-cell epitopes a. Size b. Characteristics V. Comparison of antigen recognition by B-cells and T-cells
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Surface immunoglobulin Antibody T-cell receptor heavy chain transmembrane [ !l:"'-~"=~.~~.~ffi region antigen-binding site I a chain ~ chain Figure 1.16 Comparison of the basic structures of surface heavy chains of surface immunoglobulin and antibody are
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PropertiesofAntigen(Immunogens) - PROPERTIES OF...

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