a general view of management

a general view of management - economic trends markets and...

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Inputs from Environment Dept A Dept B Dept C Dept D Planning Decision Making Controlling People Equipmen Materials Money Energy Division of work and departmentalizin Organizing, creating hierarchies and chain of command Outputs to Environment Products Services Waste Money Leading and strategy development Staffing, hiring, terminating. Wage levels and payroll. Employee development and Forecasting inputs : demographics, social, technological, economic, and regulatory trends. Steady flows? Cycles, ups and downs? Forecasting outputs : demographics, social, technological and
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Unformatted text preview: economic trends, markets and prices. What customers want? What can you sell? In what amounts? What equipment, machines needed? At what price? Useful life? Plant layout? Production methods? How much financial resources needed for investments and daily operations? From what sources at what cost? What materials, components, in what amounts needed? Desired quality levels? On time arrival from vendors? Cost? Typical Managerial Functions at a Company © 2004 Ahmet S. Ozkul, MGMT241, SUNY Oneonta...
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