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150 091 Lecture 4

150 091 Lecture 4 - Commentary on Lecture 4 Jan 22 2009 On...

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Commentary on Lecture 4 Jan. 22, 2009 On Tuesday we went over the rules governing the interactions of atoms with each other. The kind of chemical reaction that will occur depends upon the number of electrons that are in the valence shell of each of the atoms. Reactions will occur if they result in a product that is more stable than the reactants. We reviewed the way carbon atoms combine in making hydrocarbon molecules and discussed hydrocarbons that contain one or more carbon-to-carbon double bonds and introduced and explained the terms ‘saturated’ and ‘unsaturated’ hydrocarbons and then used as an example unsaturated fats and the benefit of having more of them in our diets in place of saturated, artery-clogging, fats. We then turned our attention to the properties of water, a substance that is a liquid at temperatures where other molecules it size (and some even larger) are gasses. I mentioned also that while it takes one small calorie to raise a gram of water one degree
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