ENTR 3312 - Chapter 7

Entr 3312 chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 H uman R esour ces and the Entr epr eneur ial Or ganization: T he Or ganizational Per spective Copyright (c) 2007 by Donald F. Kuratko All rights reserved. E Understanding the HRM Function H uman r esour ce management is a set of task s associated w ith: Acquir ing T r aining D eveloping M otivating Or ganizing M aintaining ...... ................the employees of a company T he M ajor H uman Resour ce M anagement F unctions E I nter nal Challenges: T he Cor e H R F unctions Job Analysis H R Planning H R I nfor mat ion Syst ems Employee Recr uit ment Per for mance Appr aisal Tr aining and Development Discipline T he M ajor H uman Resour ce M anagement F unctions E Exter nal Challenges I nfluencing Cor e H R F unctions L egal and Et hical I ssues Global Challenges L abor Relat ions and Char act er ist ics of t he Changing Wor k For ce H ealt h and Safet y Requir ement s M anager ial I ssues E Using Key Elements of the HRM System to Create an Entrepreneurial Environment Job Planning and Design: What are employees asked to do and how do we allow them room to show initiative? Recruitment and Selection: Who do we hire to be entrepreneurial and how do we hire them? Creating an Entrepreneurial Work Environment Performance Appraisals: How do we guide, reinforce and help employees identify with entrepreneurial performance? Compensation and Rewards: How do we incentivize employees to be entrepreneurial, take ownership, and stay with the company? Training and Development: How do we help employees recognize their entrepreneurial potential and develop the skills to best capitalize on that potential? E Understanding the HRM Function A fir m's human r esour ce management is mor e str ategic in its appr oach compar ed to the tr aditional per sonnel function H R pr actices ar e coor dinated in a w ay that r eflect: What is happening in the exter nal competitive envir onment A longer -ter m focus Ways in w hich the sk ills and behavior s of all employees can be affected in a manner E I ssues of Concer n in the H RM M ajor ar ea: Attr action and r etention of quality employees D esign of benefit and w age pack ages that motivate sustainable employee per for mance Satisfying r egulator y r equir ements H ir e F ir e Rew ar d Pr omote D emote E Creating the Work Environment "Cor por a te entr epr eneur s ca nnot be a ssi gned or a ppoi nted; they must be vol unteer s who br i ng a cl ea r vi si on of wha t the wa nt to cr ea te." E Creating the Work Envi...
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