ENTR 3312 - Chapter 7

Points ar e r edeemable for computer s mer chandise

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Unformatted text preview: and other types of r ew ar ds. Additional guidelines for successful employee r ecognition pr ogr ams as defined by Kanter (1994) Pr inciple 1: Emphasize success r at her t han failur e. M anager s t end t o miss t he posit ives if t hey ar e busily sear ching for t he negat ives. Pr inciple 2: Deliver r ecognit ion and r ewar d in an open and publicized way. I f not made public, r ecognit ion loses much of it s impact and defeat s much of t he pur pose for which it is pr ovided. Pr inciple 3: Pr ovide r ecognit ion in a per sonal and honest manner . Avoid pr oviding r ecognit ion t hat is t oo `slick' or over pr oduced, but also t oo cheap or super ficial. Pr inciple 4: Tailor your r ecognit ion and r ewar d t o t he unique needs of t he people involved. H aving many r ecognit ion and r ewar d opt ions will enable management t o acknowledge E E Pr inciple 5: Timing is cr ucial. Recognize cont r ibut ions t hr oughout a pr oject . Rewar d cont r ibut ions close t o t he t ime an achievement is r ealized. Be sur e people under st and why t hey r eceive awar ds and t he cr it er ia used t o det er mine r ewar ds. Pr inciple 6: Avoid t heir per cept ion t hat t he awar ds ar e being given in a manner t hat is pat er nalist ic, and t hat seems r andom and casual. Pr inciple 7: St r ive for a clear , unambiguous and wellcommunicat ed connect ion bet ween accomplishment s and r ewar ds. Be sur e people under st and why t hey r eceive awar ds and t he cr it er ia used t o det er mine awar ds. Pr inciple 8: Follow up on t he r ecognit ion or awar d. Reinfor ce it in meet ings, in newslet t er s, at end of t he year meet ings, an in employee annual r eviews. E Subordinates' View of the Entrepreneurial Manager Key Entr epr eneur ial M anager Behavior s Efficient ly get s pr oposed act ions t hr ough r ed t ape and int o pr act ice; Displays ent husiasm for acquir ing skills; Quickly changes cour se of act ion when r esult s ar e not being achieved; Encour ages ot her s t o t ake t he init iat ive for t heir own ideas; I nspir es ot her s t o t hink about t heir wor k in new and st imulat ing ways; Devot es t ime t o helping ot her s find ways t o impr ove pr oduct s and ser vices; Goes t o bat for good ideas of ot her s; Boldly moves ahead wit h a pr omising new appr oach when ot her s might be mor e caut ious;...
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