ENTR 3312 - Chapter 7

T he employee believes the r ew ar d w ill be ear ned

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Unformatted text preview: ., E 15 r easons employees might not be motivate to act entr epr eneur ial on the job: 11. T her e ar e w ays to get a good evaluation w ithout actually doing entr epr eneur ial things (e.g., politick ing). 12. T he employee has come to find other w ays to ear n the r ew ar d w ithout putting effor t tow ar ds entr epr eneur ship (e.g., cur r ying favor w ith the boss). 13. Rew ar ds ar e being offer ed that ar e too small given the effor t that is r equir ed to push an entr epr eneur ial initiative thr ough in the face of lots of inter nal r esistance 14. T he type of r ew ar d being offer ed is not the one to w hich the employee cur r ently attaches the most impor tance E Eeative Appr oaches to Rew ar ding Cr Employees: Employees put a per centage of their salar y at r isk and then can either lose it, double it, or tr iple it based on team per for mance; Per sonalized "innovator " jack ets, shir ts, leather folder s ar e given to employees w ho mak e entr epr eneur ial contr ibutions; When a new idea is accepted by the fir m, the CEO aw ar ds shar es of stock to the employee; Employees ar e given $500 to spend on an innovative idea that r elates to their job; A fir m r ents out a major spor ts stadium, fills the stands w ith employees, families and fr iends, and then has innovation champions r un onto the field as their name and achievement appear s on the Eeative Appr oaches to Rew ar ding Cr Employees: (cont.) A company sets tar gets, and then 30% of incr emental ear nings above tar get is placed into a bonus pool w hich is paid out based on each employee's per for mance r ating; Small cash aw ar ds ar e given to employees w ho tr y something new and fail---and the best failur e of the quar ter r eceives a lar ger aw ar d; Some companies have point systems w her e employees r eceive differ ing amounts of points for differ ent categor ies of innovation contr ibutions. Points ar e r edeemable for computer s, mer chandise, fr ee daycar e, tuition r eimbur sement,...
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