Fall2009 Schedule - New Product development Process...

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ENTR 3112 Fall 09 Class Schedule Session/Date Topic Readings 8/25 Introduction None 8/27 Introduction; The Changing Nature of the Strategic Challenge Confronting Organizations; The Nature of Entrepreneurship; The Entrepreneurial Process Chapter 1 9/1 The Organizational Life Cycle; Why Stay and Why Leave; Who is the Entrepreneur? Who is the Corporate Entrepreneur?; Types of Entrepreneurs; Entrepreneurs versus Managers Chapter 2 9/3 What it Means to be Entrepreneurial; The Concept of Entrepreneurial Intensity (EI); Measuring a Company’s EI Score; Differences between Start-up and Corporate Entrepreneurship Chapter 3 9/8 Last day to drop * Case One - Ikea Chapter 4 9/10 *Case Two: Howard Head and Prince 9/15 Start forming teams Can non-profits be entrepreneurial? Can government be entrepreneurial? Chapter 5 9/17 Quiz #1 on Chapters 1-5 9/22 Teams assigned Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy and software Chapter 6 9/24 Purchase BOS Why Do Corporate Venturing; Getting Started 9/29 Managing New Product and Service Development in Corporations; Levels of Innovation; Perspectives on the Chapter 7
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Unformatted text preview: New Product development Process; Technology Push versus Market Pull; Contemporary Practices in Managing Innovation 10/1 Blue Ocean Strategy discussion 10/6 Case Five: Internal Venturing at Dow Chemical Chapter 8 10/8 Technology Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship; Common Misconceptions About Technology; The Technology Life Cycle; 10/11 BOS Red Round 1 Implications of Technological Turbulence for the Corporate Entrepreneur 10/13 A Framework for Understanding the Obstacles to Corporate Entrepreneurship; Applying the Framework BOS Red Round debriefing Chapter 9 10/15 Case Three: New Ventures at Procter and Gambl e 10/20 Blue Ocean Strategy, review Chapter 10 10/22 Quiz #2 on Chapters 6-10 10/25 BOS Blue Round 1 10/27 BOS Blue Round debriefing Chapter 11 10/29 Chapter 12 11/3 Chapter 13 11/5 Chapter 13 11/8 BOS Blue Round 2 11/10 BOS Blue Round debriefing Chapter 14 11/12 11/17 Chapter 15 11/19 Quiz #3 on Chapters 11-15 11/24 11/26 Thanksgiving break 11/30 BOS Blue Round 3 12/1 12/3 Blue Ocean Final debriefing...
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Fall2009 Schedule - New Product development Process...

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