Graded Homework 21 - Graded Homework 21 You have submitted...

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Graded Homework 21 You have submitted this Homework 3 times (including this time). You may submit this Homework a total of 40 times and receive full credit. This homework is due November 11 at 3am. This homework covers more regression assessment topics, and can be found on pages 91-96 in your course packet. Question #1 Among the following, which is NOT a part of a "generalized procedure" for developing a multiple regression model? Proceed with model estimation even if the model lacks a theoretical basis. Draw scatter diagrams to determine whether a linear model is appropriate. Proceed with model estimation using statistical software. Gather data for the variables in the model . You received a raw score of 100% on this question. Question #2
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This question is based on the ski resort example again, from pages 85-86 (slides 18-23) of your course packet. This time, you would like to undertake a model building exercise. If you need it again, the data is available here . Since autocorrelation occurs over time, the inclusion of a time variable in the model may correct the problem. So, include a new independent variable 'Years.' You can do this simply by creating a column of serial numbers going 1, 2, 3. ..till however many observations you have. Then run the model again and answer the following questions. 1. The calculated value of the Durbin-Watson test statistic is 1.884987482 = 1.884987482 2. Then, based on the upper and lower critical values 1.54 and 1.10, your decision
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Graded Homework 21 - Graded Homework 21 You have submitted...

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