bio 349 sample exam fall 96

bio 349 sample exam fall 96 - BIO 349 Developmental Biology...

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Unformatted text preview: BIO 349 Developmental Biology (K. Kalthoff) Exams, Fall 1996 First Midterm (3 October 1996) MULTIPLE CHOICE (1 point each) In the following questions or statements, circle the letter associated with the one answer or version of the statement that you consider to be the correct one. 1. Which of the following cells occupy the outermost position (closest to the wall) in a seminiferous tubule? a. Primary spermatocytes b. Secondary spermatocytes c. Spermatogonia d. Spermatozoa 2. The direction of coiling in the snail Lymnea peregra is determined by the a. genome of the embryo b. maternal genome c. paternal genome d. all of the above are correct 3. Discoidal cleavage is characteristic of the eggs of a. birds b. insects c. mammals d. sea urchins 4. Totipotency, or at least pluripotency, as been demonstrated in a. differentiated plant cells b. frog blastomeres at the two-cell stage c. nuclei from some differentiated frog cells d. all of the above 5. The activity of a localized cytoplasmic determinant is proven by a. immunostaining b. unequal distribution in microscopic sections c. both of the above are correct d. none of the above is correct EXCHANGE WORDS (2 points per pair) The following statements are erroneous. However, each one can be corrected by exchanging two single words. Circle these two words within each statement. 6/7. Egg activation is a series of events including re-starting of the protein cycle and increasing the rate of cell synthesis. 8/9. In embryos with spiral axis, the orientation of the mitotic spindles is oblique to the animal-vegetal cleavage. 10/11 During gastrulation in Xenopus, the marginal cap undergoes epiboly while the animal zone undergoes convergent extension. FILL IN THE BLANKS (1 point each word) Complete each of the following sentences by inserting one word into each blank space so that a scientifically and linguistically correct statement results. Hyphenated words count as one word. 12/13.During frog oocyte maturation, the block in Prophase I is due to the ____________________ of M- phase promoting factor (MPF) whereas the arrest in metaphase II is caused by the ___________________ to break down MPF. 14/15.Xenopus kidney nuclei transplanted into ____________________ will support the synthesis of oocyte- specific but not ___________________ proteins. 16/17.In the Xenopus gastrula, the deep IMZ (involuting marginal zone) forms trunk _____________________ while the superficial IMZ forms the ____________________ roof. PICK THE ODD STATEMENT (1point each) For the following questions, either three of the statements are correct and one is false, or three are false and one is correct. Pick the one odd statement, be it correct or false, and circle the respective letter....
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bio 349 sample exam fall 96 - BIO 349 Developmental Biology...

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