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Unformatted text preview: APA Style Lecture APA Running Headers APA Running Headers APA Manual pgs. 12 & 296 Purpose: For publication to help identify the manuscript to the reader as they are reading it Structure: Abbreviated title which appears at the top of the page of published work Replaces header on top of pages in published work The running header should be a MAXIMUM of 50 characters including letters, spaces between words, and punctuation. All letters in the running head are CAPITALIZED Headers vs. Running Heads vs. Titles Titles are: Full Length Centered on Title page Ex: "The relationship between smoking, drug use and the sex lives of European adults " Running head is: Left Justified Top of Title page Not in "header" box All Capitalized No more than 50 characters Ex: "SMOKING, DRUGS, SEX AND EUROPEAN ADULTS" Headers Right justified on pages of manuscript with page numbers Usually 2--4 words from the Running Head Margins 2007 Header 2007 Page # 2007 ...
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