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BBH 310w Exam 1 Objective Sheet Exam on September 15 th in class Exam structure -- 40 total points: -- 25 Multiple choice questions worth 1 point each -- 3 short answer questions worth 3 points each -- 1 Essay question worth 6 points Topics Covered: The exam will cover book information (assigned readings), class discussions, class notes (powerpoint), as well as practicum material. What are the components of good methodology What are epistemology and methodology Positivist and post-positivist perspectives Critical realism How positivist and post-positivist thought impact study outcomes and approaches to gather the best information The hypothetical deductive model
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Unformatted text preview: • One and two-tailed tests • Reliability • Validity • The “guiding principles” of science • Sampling (Random and Non-Random) • What is sampling? • Validity and External validity • Sampling model for external validity • Proximal similarity model • Levels in the sampling model • Sampling terminology • Statistical terms in sampling • The sampling distribution and the 65-95-99 rule • Probability Sampling (Random Sampling) • Simple Random Sampling • Central limit Theorem • Confidence intervals • Stratified sampling o Proportionate o Non-proportionate (Disproportionate)...
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