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BBH 310w Exam 3 Objective Sheet Exam on Wednesday, December 3 rd in class Exam structure -- 40 total points: -- 25 Multiple choice questions worth 1 point each -- 3 short answer questions worth 3 points each -- 1 Essay question worth 6 points Topics Covered: The exam will cover book information (assigned readings), class discussions, and class notes (PowerPoint). T-Tests Independent and paired samples Why use ANOVA P-value vs. r-value Research design Causality Internal Validity Temporal Precedence Threats to internal validity Single group and multiple group threats Experimental Design Quasi-Experimental Design
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Unformatted text preview: Non-Experimental Design Probabilistic Equivalence Independent and Dependent variables Factors and Levels Null Case Main effect Interaction effect Factorial Designs Non-equivalent Group Design Regression-Discontinuity Design Cut-off rule Correlational Design Proxy-Pretest Design Retrospective data collection methods Pattern-Matching Non-equivalent Dependent variable design Switching Replications Design Possible outcomes Behavioral Research Qualitative Research Design Qualitative Measure Types...
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BBH_310w_Exam_3_Objective_Sheet_FA08 - Non-Experimental...

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