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BBH 301 Spring 2009: Death and Advanced Directives Answer the questions at the bottom as we have done before in class. Your responses should be typed, doubled spaced and no more than 2 pages, total. This assignment is due in class on Tuesday, April 28 th . Please DO NOT email assignments. When does No mean No? (Crigger, 1998) Mr. R is an HIV+ patient who is admitted to the ER with symptoms of pneumocystis pneumonia. Although he has advanced from HIV infection to AIDS, this particular infection is still mild and treatable. Mr. R realizes that eventually this will not be the case, and has made arrangements for a living will that specifically prohibits CPR, intubation, and a respirator, among other things. He also designates his partner as his legal health care proxy. While these forms are being copied and filed in his chart and records, Mr. R is given an IV antibiotic for his illness and his partner leaves the hospital. A few minutes later, a nurse finds Mr. R in respiratory distress with a bright red rash, indicating that
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