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BBH 301 Spring 2009 Terms and Concepts Exam #2 Historical Background of Consent Milgram experiments Research Misconduct Tuskegee War related military research Operation White Coat Edgewood Nuremburg Trials Types of “research” Nuremburg Codes Relationship to modern research ethics Academic examples of misconduct Radiation testing Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital Willowbrook Stanford Prison Experiment Principles underlying ethical use of humans in research Consent and Autonomy Autonomy of Action
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Unformatted text preview: Autonomy of Choice Effective deliberation Consent vs. Assent Coercion and Compensation Guidelines (from PSU IRB) for Informed Consent Vulnerable Populations Definition/protections Prisoners Pregnant women/fetus Infants/Children Decisionally challenged Ethics and Professional Conduct Conscientious objector status Lying to patients Placebos Deception and Dishonesty White Lies Consent by proxy (representative vs. delegate)...
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