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Unformatted text preview: /////////////////////////////////////////////// #include <iostream> using namespace std; double queryUserForValue(); void computeSeries(double x, double &sum, int &nbrLoops); void outputResults(double result, int iterations); // The main function coordinates the retrieval of the value to be used in the power // // series, the calculation of the series limit, and the output of the results. // void main() { double number, convergentValue; int nbrIterations; number = queryUserForValue(); computeSeries(number, convergentValue, nbrIterations); outputResults(convergentValue, nbrIterations); return; } // This function queries the user for the power series // // generator value, which must be strictly between 0 and 1. // double queryUserForValue() { double nbr; cout << "Enter the number to be tested: "; cin >> nbr; while ((nbr <= 0.0) || (nbr >= 1.0)) { cout << "The number must be greater than 0 and less than 1." << endl << "Enter the number to be tested: "; cin >> nbr; } return nbr; } CS 140 Chapter 4 Page 10 // This function repeatedly adds the next power of the generator value to the series expansion, // // until two consecutive sums are equal, at which time the series is considered to converge. // void computeSeries(double x, double &sum, int &nbrLoops) { double powerOfX, p...
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