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Unformatted text preview: uble logVal); void outputOneResult(char resultName, double value, double result); void main() { double userValue; double sine, cosine, logarithm; userValue = queryUserForValue(); generateResults(userValue, sine, cosine, logarithm); outputResults(userValue, sine, cosine, logarithm); } CS 140 Chapter 4 Page 12 double queryUserForValue() { double nbr; qu er cout << "Enter the number to be tested: "; yU cin >> nbr; se while (!testValueBounds(nbr)) rF te cin >> nbr; st cal orV Va ls al return nbr; lu } ue eB ou bool testValueBounds(double value) { nd te if (value <= 0.0) s st { Va outputWarning(value); lu return false; ou } cal eBou return true; tp nd } ut ls s Wa void outputWarning(double value) rn { in cout << "BAD VALUE: " << value << endl; g cout << "(Only positive values are allowed!)" << endl << endl; return; } CS 140 Chapter 4 Page 13 void generateResults(double val, double &sinVal, double &cosVal, double &logVal) { double valAsRadians = val * 3.1415926535 / 180; sinVal = sin(valAsRadians); cosVal = cos(valAsRadians); logVal = log(val); return; } void outputResults(double val, double sinVal, double cosVal, double logVal) { cout << endl << endl << "The Mathematical Results:" << endl << endl; outputOneResult("Sine", val, sinVal); outputOneResult("Cosine", val, cosVal); outputOneResult("Logarithm", val, logVal); cout << endl << endl; return; } void outputOneResult(char resultName, double value, double result) { cout.setf(ios::fixed); cout.setf(ios::showpoint); cout.precision(5); cout << setw(9) << resultN...
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