Thirdnbr secondnbr firstnbr main cs 140 run time

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Unformatted text preview: gest) << smallest << endl; << middle << endl; << largest << endl; Thelast function will not alte any of thevalue of r s theincom param te ing e rs, so the passe by value y're d . Chapter 4 Page 6 What's Happening In Memory? main begins RAM x y z Data Heap Keeps track of variables in use. main calls retrieveThreeNumbers RAM The same memory is being used, but with different variable names! thirdNbr secondNbr firstNbr main CS 140 Run-Time Stack Keeps track of function calls; the function that is on top of the stack is the active function. Chapter 4 retrieveThreeNumbers main Page 7 return to main from retrieveThreeNumbers What's Happening In Memory? (Part 2) RAM y main calls reorderThreeNumbers return to main from reorderThreeNumbers RAM RAM y x z temp nbrC nbrA nbrB x z main reorderThreeNumbers main Page 8 main CS 140 Chapter 4 main calls outputThreeNumbers What's Happening In Memory? (Part 3) RAM RAM y return to main from outputThreeNumbers main ends x z largest middle smallest main outputThreeNumbers RAM main CS 140 The parameters are passed by value, so they do not share memory with main's variables! main's Chapter 4 Page 9 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This program computes the value to which a power series converges, and the // // number of iterations required before the series can be said to converge. // /////////////////////////////////...
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