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Unformatted text preview: Section 5.5 Graphs of the Tangent, Cotangent, Cosecant, and Secant Functions Graph of tan Recall that tan()=sin()/cos() Properties of the tangent function 1. The domain is all real numbers, except odd multiples of /2. 1. The range is all real's 2. The tangent function is an odd function, symmetric with respect to the origin. 3. The x-intercepts are multiples of , and the y-intercept is 0. 4. Vertical asymptotes occur at odd multiples of /2. Graph of Cotangent Graph of csc, i.e. 1/sin Graph of sec, i.e. 1/cos Comparing csc and sec Note how csc and sec seem to be the same graph only shifted. This...
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