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Unformatted text preview: 2) = cos2() sin2() = 1 2sin2() = 2cos2() 1 tan(2) = 2tan()/[1tan2()] Other Variations sin2()=[1 cos(2)]/2 cos2( )=[1+ cos(2)]/2 tan2()=[1 cos(2)]/[1+ cos(2)] These come from manipulating the previous identities. Half-Angle Formulas From the last set of identities we can obtain sin2(/2)=[1 cos()]/2 cos2(/2)=[1+ cos()]/2 tan2(/2)=[1 cos()]/[1+ cos()] sin (/2)=([1 cos()]/2)1/2 cos(/2)= ([1+ cos()]/2)1/2 Half-Angle Formulas for Tan tan(/2)= ([1 cos()] / [1+ cos()])1/2 tan(/2)=[1 cos()] / sin() tan(/2)=sin() / [1+ cos()]...
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