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MATH 224 (001) Discrete Mathematics Fall 2008 Room : Bluff Residence Hall CLS Time : Texts : Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications 6 th Edition, Kenneth H. Rosen Instructor : Bernard Waxman EB 2024 Phone ext 2386 (CS Office) or (314) 993-4826 Email: Department Web Page: Class Web Page Office Hours: Office: EB 2024 – Networking Lab Grading : Written Assignments 30% 10 Quizzes 15% Mid Term Exam 25% Final Exam 25% Class Participation 5% Overview : This course covers the basics of discrete mathematics that are important for computer science professionals. Many of the concepts are similar to those required to develop good programming skills and those concepts needed to develop correct and efficient algorithms. This class will cover: 1. Basic logic and logical proofs. Note that writing a correct program is in many ways similar to writing a correct proof. 2. Basic mathematical structures which form the basis for many computer science data structures. 3. Basic mathematics that is needed to evaluate the correctness and efficiency of algorithms. 4.
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This note was uploaded on 08/26/2009 for the course MATH 224 taught by Professor Waxman during the Fall '08 term at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

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MATH_224_Syllabus - MATH 224 (001) Room: Time: Texts:...

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