Chapter 1 Outline - SPC 103 Chapter 1 Outline Universals of...

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SPC 103 Chapter 1 Outline Universals of Interpersonal Communication I. Nature of Interpersonal Communication A. Interpersonal communication takes place between two people who have An established relationship; the people are “connected.” Interpesonal Communication can best be understood by looking at its major characteristics, forms, and purposes. Characteristics of interpersonal communication include: 1. Dyadic primacy. Dyads are always central to interpersonal relationships, Even when there are triads. Even large groups break down into a series of dyads. 2. Dyadic coalition. is a two-person relationship formed for achieving a mutually desired benefit or goal. May be productive or unproductive. 3. Dyadic consciousness. Dyadic consciousness emerges when you begin to see yourself as a part of a pair, team, or couple. As the relationship becomes more involved, individuals sacrifice their own desires or needs for the well-being of “the relationship.” B. Forms of Interpersonal communication 1. Face to face. This is the type of interaction that probably comes to mind when you think of conversation. 2. Online. Online communication is becoming part of people’s experience throughout the world. Such communication is important personally, socially, and professionally. a) E-mail. You usually type your letter in an e-mail program and send it (along with other documents you may with to attach) from your computer via modem or cable to your server, which relays your message through a series of computer hookups and eventually to the server of the person you’re addressing. It does not take place in real time and can be easily
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Chapter 1 Outline - SPC 103 Chapter 1 Outline Universals of...

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