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Chapter 6 Outline - SPC 103 Chapter 6 Outline Universals of...

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SPC 103 Chapter 6 Outline Universals of Verbal and Nonverbal Messages I. Meanings and messages; meaning is an active process created by cooperation between source and receiver. A. Meanings are in people 1. You do not receive meaning; you create meaning 2. Words do not mean; people mean B. Meanings are more than words and gestures. 1. The meanings you seek to communicate are much more than the sum of the words and nonverbal behaviors you use to represent them 2. You can only approximate the other person’s meanings on the basis of meanings you receive, which are influenced by who you are and what you are feeling C. Meanings are unique 1. No two people ever derive the same meanings 2. No one person can derive the same meanings on two separate occasions 3. As you change, you also change the meanings you create out of past messages 4. Check your perceptions of another’s meanings D. Meanings are context-based 1. Words or behaviors may have different meanings in different context 2. Also, the meaning of a given signal depends on the other
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behavior it accompanies or is close to in time 3.
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