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Chapter 9 Outline - SPC 103 Chapter 9 Outline Messages and...

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SPC 103 Chapter 9 Outline Messages and Conversations I. Conversations A. A “relatively informal social interaction in which the roles of speaker and hearer are exchanged in a nonautomatic fashion under the collaborative management of all parties” B. Table 9.1, p. 213 identifies some of the unsatisfying conversationalists II. The conversational process (Figure 9.1, p. 214) A. Opening 1. Phatic communication 2. Establishes a connection between two people and opens the channels for more meaningful interaction 3. The greeting is usually reciprocated 4. Consistent in tone with the main part of the conversation B. Feedforward 1. Gives the other person a general idea of the conversation’s focus 2. May identify the tone of the conversation C. Business 1. The substance or focus of the conversation 2. Most conversations are goal directed 3. A term sufficient to incorporate all kinds of interactions 4. Conducted through an exchange of speaker and listener roles 5. Brief speaking turns characterize most satisfying conversations
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D. Feedback 1. The reverse of the second: reflect back on the conversation to signal that the business is completed 2. Other person may not agree that the business has been completed and may counter with another message E. Closing 1. The opposite of the first step: reveals how satisfied the persons are
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