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Chapter 10 Outline - SPC 103 Chapter 10 Outline Universals...

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SPC 103 Chapter 10 Outline Universals of Interpersonal Relationships I. Characteristics of Interpersonal Relationships A. Psychological Data B. Explanatory Knowledge C. Personally Establish Rules II. Stages in interpersonal relationships: development to dissolution (Figure 10.1, p. 237) A. Contact 1. Perceptual contact- first impression at the initial stage 2. Interactional contact- superficial and impersonal exchange of basic information B. Involvement 1. Testing- check your initial perceptions 2. Intensifying-Begin to reveal yourself: a) Increase contact b) Give tokens of affection c) Increase your personal attractiveness d) Indirectly suggest intensifying the relationship e) Become more sexually intimate 3. Testing your partner (throughout the relationship) a) Directness b) Indirect suggestion c) Public presentation d) Separation e) Third party
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C. Intimacy 1. Interpersonal commitment—the two people commit themselves to each other in a private way 2. Social bonding- the commitment is made public 3.
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