Chapter 12 Outline - SPC 103 Chapter 12 Outline...

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SPC 103 Chapter 12 Outline Interpersonal Relationships: Friendship, Love, Family, and Workplace I. Friendship A. The Nature of Friendship 1. Friendship: the interpersonal relationship between two persons that is mutually productive and characterized by mutual positive regard 2. “Personalistic focus” react to each other as complete Persons, as unique, genuine, and irreplaceable individuals 3. Interdependent- when friends are close, the actions of one will impact more significantly on the other than they would with casual acquaintances 4. The closer friends are the more independent they are of the attitudes and behaviors of others and are less influenced by societal rules B. Three types of Friendship 1. Reciprocity – ideal, loyal, mutual affection, generosity 2. Receptivity – an imbalance in giving and receiving, with both gaining; a difference in status is essential 3. Association – transitory, cordial but not intense C. The needs of friendship 1. Utility value 2. Affirmation value 3. Ego-support value
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4. Stimulation value 5. Security value D. Friendship and Communication 1. Initial contact and acquaintanceship a) Meeting(influenced by prior relationships) b) Guarded rather than open c) Relationship is viewed as temporary d) Little genuine immediacy, rather politeness and awkardness 2. Casual friendship a) A clear sense of “we-ness” b) Participate in activities as a unit c) Become more open and interested in the other person’s self-disclosures, more other-orientation, empathy, supportiveness d) Communicate with confidence 3. Close and intimate Friendship a) An intensification of the casual friendship; see yourselves as an exclusive unit b) Able to predict each other’s behavior c) Exchange significant messages of affection d) Even more other-oriented; willing to make significant
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Chapter 12 Outline - SPC 103 Chapter 12 Outline...

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