Chapter 13 Outline - SPC 103 Chapter 13 Outline Conflict in...

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SPC 103 Chapter 13 Outline Conflict in Interpersonal Relationships I. The nature of conflict—Interpersonal conflict is a disagreement between or among connected individuals--- a part of every interpersonal relationship. A. About conflict 1. Conflict is inevitable and typical 2. Conflict, if approached properly, doesn’t hurt an interpersonal Relationship, and might even help 3. Conflict doesn’t reveal our negative selves, but our conflict Strategies do B. The negative and positive effects of conflict 1. Negative effects a) Can lead to further conflict, mutual hurt and resentment b) Often leads to increased negative regard for the opponent c) Rewards may become more difficult to exchange d) May deplete energy e) May lead you to hide feelings or close yourself off from an intimate 2. Positive effects a) Forces you to examine a problem and work towards a solution b) May emerge with a stronger relationship c) Enables you to state your needs d) Often prevents hostilities from festering e) Emphasizes the relationship is worth the effort
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C. Content and relationship conflicts 1. Content conflict centers on objects, events, and persons External to the people involved in the conflict 2. Relationship conflicts are equally numerous and are concerned with relationships issues, such as who is in charge. Often hidden or disguised as content conflicts
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Chapter 13 Outline - SPC 103 Chapter 13 Outline Conflict in...

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