summary02 - ie: C++ is equivalent to C = C + 1 Chapter 2.5...

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if (Boolean_Expression) Yes_Statement else No_Statement Summary Ch 2.3 – 2.5, 11.2 Chapter 2.3 Data Types and Expressions Major Types Int ( 2 ) Double ( 2.00 ) Char ( a ) Bool ( false ) Operators Addition (+) Subtraction (-) Multiplication (*) Division (/) Division with remainder (%) Chapter 2.4 Simple Flow of Control The if statement tests an expression and executes a statement only if the expression is true If the expression is false, the else statement executes the no statement Can be used to connect expressions && - And || - Or Example: If (y < 0) || (y > 12) Can have an if statement without a connected else Do not use: if (z < x < y) – instead use Assignment statement = Is equal to- == can use a while loop to repeat statements within { } use increment and decrement operators to add or subtract one to a value
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Unformatted text preview: ie: C++ is equivalent to C = C + 1 Chapter 2.5 Program Style • Indentations and proper line spacing are key to a readable program • //------------------- or /* ---------------------------------- */ are comments. • Do not comment the obvious • Use file name, author of program, how to contact, assignment number, last modified • Important to declare variables for easier changes, avoid confusion • Constants prevent values from changing Chapter 11.2 The Standard string Class • C strings arrays of characters terminated with \ , very inefficient for programming. • #include <string> • use getline(cin, line) to input a whole line • Can use a character (?) as stopping point by using getline(cin, line, ‘?’); • Name.length(); number of characters...
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summary02 - ie: C++ is equivalent to C = C + 1 Chapter 2.5...

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