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Examples of Predefined Functions 2.0 == sqrt(4.0) 8.0 == pow(2.0, 3.0) 7 == abs(-7) 70000 == labs(-70000) 7.5 == fabs(-7.5) 4.0 == ceil(3.9) 3.0 == floor(3.2) Summary Ch 3.1 – 3.2 Chapter 3.1 Top-Down Design Top-down design- Simplify complex programs by dividing into subtasks, or functions Functions make it easier for different people to work on subtasks Chapter 3.2 Predefined Functions Argument - the value inputted into the function; can be more than 1 argument in function
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Unformatted text preview: Value Returned the output from the function #include <cmath> sqrt square root o pow- powers o fabs-absolute value for double o ceil- ceiling (round up) o floor floor (round down) #include <cstdlib> o abs absolute value for int o labs absolue value for long Important to typecast using o static_cast<double>(Expression_of_Type_int)...
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