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Type_Returned Function_name(Parameter_List); Function_Declaration_Comment Summary Ch 3.3 – 3.4 Chapter 3.3 Programmer-Defined Functions function declaration- describes how a function is used int number_par – formal parameter for variable number return statement- Returns a value of the type of function o in int main() – use return 0; A function definition is like a small program and calling the function is the same thing as running this “small program” A function uses formal parameters, rather than cin , for input. The arguments to the function are the input and they are plugged in for the formal parameters A function (of the kind discussed in this chapter) does not normally send any output to
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Unformatted text preview: the screen, but it does send a kind of output back to the program. The function returns a value, which is like the output for the function. The function uses a return statement instead of a cout statement for this output. Chapter 3.4 Procedural Abstraction You should treat a function as if you do not need to know the details of how the function works but you should know what it does (black box) Design your algorithm in steps using pseudocode Dont have to use variable _par for formal parameters...
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