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//EXAMPLE void give_output( double cost, int turnover, double price); //Precondition: cost is the wholesale cost of one item; //turnover is the expected time until sale of the item; //price is the retail price of the item. //Postcondition: The values of cost, turnover, and price have //been written to the screen. Summary Ch 4.3 – 4.4s Chapter 4.3 Procedural Abstraction Can call a function from another function Cannot define a function from another function Preconditions state what is assumed true when the function is called Postconditions describe the effect of the function call
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Unformatted text preview: • When testing, test boundary values such as 0, 1, -1 or other important numbers. Chapter 4.4 Testing and Debugging Functions • Driver programs are programs that only test functions • Breaks function into little problems instead of big problems. • Test function used inside another by simplifying the function into a stub. • Every function should by tested in a program in which every other function in that program has already been fully tested and debugged...
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