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Name: __________________________________ File Organization and Structure (12 pts) a) (6 pts) Consider a large table of students. You need to build an index for the table that best suits a given workload. Recall the 3 data entry alternatives for implementing an index, and the type of data structures that we have available 1. If 95% of the workload is a query requesting several pieces of information about students whose last name begins with a
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Unformatted text preview: particular letter, and 5% of the workload is adding a new student, but the additions only occur on Saturday. what storage option is appropriate for Students. 2. If the percentage of the workload distribution is reversed and additions could occur any time, would the storage option change? Why? b) (6 pts) Operating systems provide default file system management. Name two features that DBMS systems require that are not provided by 4...
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