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cs186_sp08_mt1-11 - b(4 pts Complete the following...

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Name: __________________________________ Relational Calculus In this section, Assume there is an additional table , Manager, with a single attribute, NAME, and that there is foreign key constraint from Store.MANAGER to Manager.NAME. a. (4 pts) Write a (tuple) Relational Calculus expression to return Sales tuples indicating that the Shady Lane, Austin store sold more than 50 Hammers. Your answer can use the values shown above to get PRODUCT_ID and STORE_ID and avoid joins.
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Unformatted text preview: b. (4 pts) Complete the following expression to return managers that only manage stores in the “WEST” region M | M ∈ Manager ∧ 2200 _____________________________________ c. (8 pts) Write a Relational Calculus expression to find managers whose stores all either 1) sold more than 1000 of some (single) “Nail” product on some day or 2) sold a power tool costing over $100. 11...
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