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CS 162 Fall 2008 Midterm Exam I October 15, 2008 Page 6/21 Problem 2: TRUE/FALSE [12 pts] In the following, it is important that you EXPLAIN your answer in TWO SENTENCES OR LESS (Answers longer than this may not get credit!). Also, answers without an explanation GET NO CREDIT. Problem 2a[2pts]: The kernel on a multiprocessor can use the local disabling of interrupts (within one CPU) to produce critical sections between the OSs on different CPUs. True / False Explain: Problem 2b[2pts]: When designing a multithreaded application, you must use synchronization primitives to make sure that the threads do not overwrite each other’s registers. True / False Explain:
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2c[2pts]: A system that provides segmentation without paging can fragment the physical address space, forcing the operating system to waste physical memory. True / False Explain: Problem 2d[2pts]: A user-level library implements each system call by first executing a “transition to kernel mode” instruction. The library routine then calls an appropriate subroutine in the kernel. True / False Explain: Problem 2e[2pts]: The difference between processes and threads is purely historical. True / False Explain: Problem 2f[2pts]: Round robin scheduling provides a latency improvement over FCFS scheduling for interactive jobs. True / False Explain:...
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