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Stat447—Fall 2008, Homework 6—Due Friday, 10/24/08 Text Book Questions: Chapter 5 Æ 34 (51), 62-b (60 –b), 67 (65), 68 (66), 74 (72), 78 (76), 79 (77) Chapter 6 Æ 13 (13), 16 (16), 56 (37), 62-b & c (55- b& c), (58- c & d), 70 (63), Out of Text Question: A. A researcher is interested in studying the probability distribution of number of surviving eggs laid by a particular type of insect in a certain habitat. Suppose that probability that an egg survives is p. Let the random variable X be the number of surviving eggs (obviously X can not exceed the number of eggs laid). Assume that the random variable Y is the number of eggs laid by a particular mother insect. Further assume that the rate λ at which eggs are laid varies from one
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