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Accy 201 Group Project 1 Assignment Instructions: Below is a list of account names, titles, totals and subtotals. Use this list to create a set of financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement) for Clothier, Inc for the fiscal period ended February 2, 2005. Use each account, description or title and each number only once. Statements should be prepared in good format, no more than one per page. Turn-in Instructions: Use the pages and the cover sheet provided to complete this assignment. The titles for each of the statements have already been placed on the page. Statements should be in the following order: Balance Sheet, Income Statement Cash Flow Statement. All assignment pages should be stapled together. All group member names should appear on the cover sheet—the group will turn in ONE copy. Each student in the group should retain a copy of the group’s work for future reference. Each student should BRING their copy of the group’s work to discussion section to take notes and get corrections. Account Names/ Titles Amount Accounts Payable 2,242,000 Additional Paid in Capital 944,000 Adjustments to Net Income (28,000) Assets N/A Balance Sheet N/A Building 755,500 Capital Expenditures (442,000) Cash and Equivalents 3,379,000 Change in Cash and Cash Equivalents
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Accy Financial Group Project 1 - Accy 201 Group Project 1...

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