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BME Quiz 17 Questions: Communities 1) In predator- prey populations -The number of prey is a factor -The number of predators is a factor -The amount of food resources for the prey is a factor -All of the above -A and B 2) If one is allowing a farm to go back to the natural habitat, -one will see grasslands initially -pine forests will grow in after shrubs are established -the bird population will increase in diversity -All of the above -A and B 3) Predator defenses can include -Cryptic coloration -Bright warning coloration that something tastes good -Baseball throwing -All of the above -A and B 4)Sympatric species are pushed by natural selection to -Utilize different habitats within the same locale -Utilize different food resources within the same locale -Partition their resources so that there is less competition -All of the above 5) Heterotrophs can obtain organic molecules from other heterotrophs. -True -False 6) No two species can occupy the same niche indefinitely without competition driving one to extinction. -True -False 7) Autotrophs are dependent on other species to capture light energy. -True -False 8) Deforested areas are inefficient at retaining water and nitrogen. - True -False 9) Ecosystems are defined by -The communities that live in the ecosystem -The nonliving factors that the communities interact with -The energy flow through the communities -All of the above 10) Carnivores eat heterotrophs. -True -False
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11) Coevolution refers to -Pollinators such as hummingbirds coevolving with the long flowers that they feed at and pollinate -Mutual evolutionary adjustments of two interacting species -Evolution of competitors
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Population & Communities all final.doc - BME Quiz...

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