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Rutgers University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ABET COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE: 14:332:221 Course Catalog Description: 14:332:221 - Principles of Electrical Engineering I (3) Circuit elements, Independent sources, Dependent sources, Circuit analysis in DC and AC steady state, Network theorems, Operational amplifiers, Power Computations. Pre-Requisite Courses: 01:640:152 Co-Requisite Courses: 01:640:251 and 14:332:223 Pre-Requisite by Topic: 1. Electricity and Magnetism 2. Solution of linear algebraic equations 3. Matrix operations and inverse of a matrix 4. Complex variables 5. Differential calculus 6. Integral calculus : J. W. Nilsson and S. A. Riedel, Electric Circuits , 8th Ed., Prentice Hall, 2007, and class notes. References: MatLab: Student Version , Current Edition, The MathWorks, Inc. . Overall Educational Objective: To develop skills in determining DC and AC steady state solutions to electrical networks, and power computations . Course Learning Outcomes: A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated: 1. an ability to define and explain the meaning/function of charge, current, voltage, power, energy, R, L, C, the op amp, and the fundamental principles of Ohm's law, KVL and KCL including an understanding of electrical safety and the effect of current on humans. 2. an ability to write the equilibrium equations for a given network and solve them analytically, and also using appropriate software as needed for the steady state (DC and AC/phasor) solution. 3.
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221-Princ-EE-I-1 - Rutgers University, Department of...

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