231-DLD-1 - Rutgers University, Department of Electrical...

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Unformatted text preview: Rutgers University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ABET COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE: 14:332:231 Course Catalog Description: 14:332:231 - Digital Logic Design (3) Binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, K-maps, Combinational cir- cuit synthesis, Combinational MSI circuits, Sequential logic, Syn- chronous state machine design, Sequential MSI circuits. Pre-Requisite Course: 01:440:127 Co-Requisite Courses: 01:640:251 and 14:332:233 Pre-Requisite by Topic: 1. Boolean algebra. 2. Electrical concepts from physics. 3. General computer skills. Textbook & Materials: J.F. Wakerly: Digital Design Principles & Practices, 4th Ed., Prentice Hall, 2004; class and recitation notes. References: The OneKey access from Prentice Hall can be helpful to solve the homework prob- lems. Overall Educational Objective: To introduce the basic tools for design with combinational and sequential digital logic and state machines. To learn simple digital circuits in preparation for computer engineering. Course Learning Outcomes: A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated: 1. An ability to define different number systems, binary addition and subtraction, 2s complement representation and operations with this representation....
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231-DLD-1 - Rutgers University, Department of Electrical...

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