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ME302 Midterm Review Problems

ME302 Midterm Review Problems - ME302 Midterm Review...

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Unformatted text preview: ME302 Midterm Review Problems 1. A system containing 1 lb. of refrigerant 22 undergoes a cycle composed of the following processes: Process 1-2: constant pressure from p 1 = 30 lbf/in 2 , x 1 = 0.95 to T 2 = 40. F Process 2-3: constant temperature to saturated vapor with W 23 = -11.82 Btu Process 3-1: Adiabatic expansion Sketch the cycle on p- v and T- v diagrams. Neglecting kinetic and potential energy effects, determine the net work for the cycle and the heat transfer for each process, all in Btu. 2. An isolated system consist of a 10 kg copper slab, initially at 30. C, and 0.2 kg of saturated water vapor, initially at 130. C. Assuming no volume change, determine the final equilibrium temperature of the isolated system, in . C. 3. Air is compressed in a closed system adiabatically from p 1 = 1 bar, T 1 = 300 K to p 2 = 15 bar, v 2 = 0.1227m 3 /kg. The air is then cooled at constant volume to T 3 = 300 K. Assuming ideal gas behavior, and ignoring potential and kinetic energy effects, calculate the work for the first process and the heat...
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