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Name: Introduction to Environmental Engineering ENVE 331 Midterm Open Books and Notes Problem 1: The total volume of space inside your car is 520 L. A total of 24 mg of Carbon monoxide (CO) leaked inside the car while running idle. Determine the concentration in ppmV when the atmospheric pressure inside the car is 750 mm of Hg and temperature is 80 ° F. (10) Problem 2) You are asked to make a 50 ppm solution of benzene in alcohol. You have 200 mL of alcohol (density 0.84 g/mL). How many mL of benzene (density 0.96 g/mL) do you need to add to add to the alcohol to make it 50 ppm Benzene in mixture? (10) Problem 3: Water containing 15% salt is fed at a rate of 12 kg/min in a mixer (CSTR) that initially holds 1000 L of 0.43% salt in water. The exit solution leaves the mixer at a rate of 10 kg/min. Determine the exit concentration after 15 minutes in mg/L and assume complete mixing. (15) Problem 4: (15) If the concentration of HCl in air 120 ppmV and the Henrys constant is 1.04 x 10 -2 atm
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