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Physics 213 Prelim 1 Fall 2006 page 1 of 14 Your Name: Section Number: Section Instructor: Problem Points Grader Your Score 1 10 2 to 5 12 6 9 7 3 8 5 9 8 10 20 11 33 TOTAL 100 Instructions : Please write your name, section number, and section instructor at the top. There are 11 problems in this exam. The total number of points is 100. Make sure that your copy is complete (14 numbered pages) before starting. The exam is closed book. No graphing calculators are allowed! The last page of the exam contains formulae that you may find useful. Your answers must be written in the box provided in each problem. If the answers are in numbers, please provide SI units . Show your work for possible partial credit on problems 6 – 11. Two blank pages are attached at the end of the exam. They may be used for scratch paper, but will not be graded, unless you clearly refer us to some item there.
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Physics 213 Prelim 1 Fall 2006 page 2 of 14 1 True/False (10 pts) Indicate T (True) or F (False) in the space at left for each of the following statements. No partial credit: ____ If the radius of a steel ball increases by 0.1% when it is heated, its surface area will increase by about 0.3%. ____ A thermodynamic system run clockwise through any thermodynamic p-V cycle will perform (positive) work on its environment. ____ The atmospheric pressure on planet Zaphod is above the triple point for CO 2 . A lake of liquid CO 2 could exist on Zaphod’s surface. ____ The heat Q added to an ideal gas in a process is always nC v Δ T. ____ The pressure in an ideal gas can be shown to be direct consequence of the total (translational and rotational) kinetic energy of the molecules. ____ Covering your wall with an additional layer of material with an R value less than the R for the wall’s existing insulation will increase the heat current through the wall. ____ The entropy of a fixed volume of gas that interacts irreversibly with its environment must necessarily increase. ____ While an ideal gas undergoes a thermodynamic process with no phase changes, pV=nRT does not necessarily hold. ____ An ideal gas in a volume V undergoes free expansion into a volume 2V, and is then isothermally compressed back into a volume V. The entropy CHANGES of the gas (dS_gas) and of the heat reservoir used in the isothermal compression (dS_res) satisfy dS_gas > 0, dS_res > 0. ____ When an ideal gas is expanded in a thermally insulated container, its temperature remains constant. Multiple choice.
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P213_Exam__1_F06 - Physics 213 Your Name Section Number...

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