Unit 2.3 Superposition - Superposition In this lecture, you...

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1 Unit 2: Node and Mesh Circuit Analysis Unit 2.3 - Superposition Superposition f In this lecture, you will: ± Learn the principle of superposition ± Learn how to apply the principle of superposition to solve DC circuits ± Understand the tradeoffs in applying superposition versus other circuit analysis approaches Linearity f Straight line: ± Y = mX f Linear operators: ± Add and subtract ± Multiply and divide by constants ± Differentiate and integrate f Nonlinear operators: ± Exponents other than 1 • For example, squares and square roots ± Logarithms and many other functions. Linear Circuit Elements f Resistors are linear circuit elements: ± V = IR is clearly a straight line. f Ideal capacitors and inductors are linear. f Dependent sources are linear provided that the output voltage or current is proportional to the first power of a specified voltage or current (or a sum of these). Nonlinear Circuit Elements f Semiconductor devices are nonlinear. ± Diodes ± Transistors f Devices using ferromagnetic materials are nonlinear. ± Iron core inductors. f Many other real world devices are nonlinear although their response may be approximately linear over a limited range. Linear Circuits f A linear circuit is a circuit composed exclusively of linear circuit elements. 3 A 5 Ω 10 Ω 40 Ω + 50 V -
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2 Superposition f Superposition is a property of all linear systems: [] [] ) ( ) ( ) ( y f b x f a by ax f + = + Superposition in Circuits f The response in a linear circuit having more than one independent source can be obtained by adding the responses caused by the separate independent sources acting alone . What does this mean? f Since we are dealing with linear circuits, we can determine the response of the circuit to each independent source acting alone and then sum the results. f
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Unit 2.3 Superposition - Superposition In this lecture, you...

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