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homework5-ans - adverse geological structures 3 Define...

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SIO 15, FALL 2007. HOMEWORK #5. COVERS LECTURES: 12-15 DUE FRIDAY, NOV. 9 th . Name: Student ID: 1. Name and describe four types of mass movements. (4pts) Falls: free falling separate blocks moving vertically downward. Flows: moving like a very viscous fluid flowing over the landscape, turbulent within mass Slides: Semisolid mass sliding on top of a basal slip surface, maintaining some coherence with block Subsides: Downward vertical collapse of mass into void, moving as separate blocks 2. Give two external and two internal processes that increase the odds or cause slope failure. (4pts). 2 out of: Steepening the slope, eroding the support (bottom of the slope), adding mass high on a slope. 2 out of: Inherently weak materials, water in different roles, decreasing cohesion,
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Unformatted text preview: adverse geological structures 3. Define climate and weather. What time scales do they operate on? (4pts) Weather is the short-term processes, day to day. Climate covers the long-term processes, thousands of years. 4. Sketch the atmospheric circulation pattern for the globe. (6pts) 5. Earthwatch: Typhoon Krosa caused flooding and destruction throughout Taiwan and China. How many people died as a result of this typhoon making landfall? There was another rather unusual event involving earthworms affected by this storm. Why did the earthworms come to the surface? (2pts). The typhoon killed 5 (one more is missing). The earthworms came to the surface because the groundwater table rose as a result of flooding caused by the typhoon!...
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homework5-ans - adverse geological structures 3 Define...

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