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SIO15 Midterm1, Monday Nov. 05, 2007 1) Which of these is NOT considered a natural disaster? a) earthquake b) flood c) volcanic eruption d) sinking of the Titanic e) severe storm 2) In which area does a natural disaster typically cause the most expensive losses? a) Europe b) Africa c) China d) U.S. e) Indonesia 3) Which type of energy is stored in a resting loaded spring? a) Heat b) Kinetic c) Potential d) Latent Heat 4) Why is water able to store much more heat than many other substances? Because of its … a) high incompressibility b) high heat capacity c) high transparency d) high viscosity 5) Which process produces Sun’s energy? a) fission b) fusion c) friction d) confusion 6) What is thought to have caused the formation of the Moon? a) tides b) repeated collision of asteroids c) a Mars-size impact during Earth’s early formation d) the solar wind e) Jupiter’s strong magnetic field 7) Which of these celestial (heavenly) bodies is a gas giant? a) Pluto b) Jupiter c) Demeter d) Xena e) Venus 8) What is Earth’s weak shell called that is between 120 and 350km below the surface? a) asthenosphere b) atmosphere c) magnetosphere d) stratosphere e) lithosphere
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9) Which of the following best describes the asthenosphere? a) brittle b) elastic c) ductile d) strong e) transparent 10) On what time scale do spring tides occur? a) twice daily
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midterm1-ans - SIO15 Midterm1, Monday Nov. 05, 2007 1)...

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