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SIO15-07 Midterm2, Sample Test 1) Which of these contributes to La Jolla’s cliff erosion? a) sea walls b) boulders in undercuts c) extensive backyard irrigation d) deep rooting vegetation 2) The Rose Canyon Fault is a) fault of the latest earthquake in Japan b) an active earthquake fault in San Diego c) an ancient slump surface in Hawaii d) location of an illegal dump in San Diego’s back country 3) What is a meander? a) the contact zone between Ardath Shale and Scripps Sandstone b) a couple just before engagement c) a loop in a river d) A comet made of iron 4) Which parts of San Diego could face liquefaction in an earthquake? a) Mission Bay b) Mount Soledad c) Lindbergh Field Airport d) all of the above e) only a) and c) 5) What is an undercut? a) reverse earthquake fault b) weather phenomenon c) cave cut into a cliff by waves 6) What brings most of the sand to La Jolla’s beaches? a) big storm wavew from the west b) California Current from the north c) Mexican current from the south d) off-shore flow from the east 7) Climate zones depend not only on latitude but also on elevation a) true b) false 8) It is summer in San Diego, while it is winter in Canberra/Australia because a) there are more continents in the northern hemisphere b) the Earth’s spin axis is tilted c) Australians drive on the other side of the road d) it is always winter in the southern hemisphere
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sample-test2-ans - SIO15-07 Midterm2, Sample Test 1) Which...

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